Friday, March 11, 2011

Going to my poppop's house

Hi friends! Guess what I am doing tonight? Mommy and daddy are taking me to Poppop's house. Poppop is mommy's grandfather, but he is really more like another daddy to her. He lives 1 block from the beach, which is my favorite place to be.

But, his beach doesn't allow doogs on it. I know, that is gross descrimination. I am looking into legal representation in my wrongful descrimination suit, but until then, I am not allowed on that beach.

But, there is a special beach that is just a short car ride away that is just for doggies. I love it there! Usually there are other Vizsla dogs there, so I have friends to do fast running with. There is also a dog park for me to go to.

So, I guess you can see why I am so happy about going to Poppop's house. Plus, I like Poppop and love to run around his house because it is big and full of lots of good sniffs. And there are all kinds of old stuffies that I think should be mine.

One more thing. I want to say Happy Birthday to my Uncle Doug. He is who I am named after, so I really love him a lot. Mommy and daddy and I are going to his birthday party on Sunday. I am excited to see him and really excited to chase the cat that lives at his house.

See, I am a happy Vizsla!


  1. What fun you will have this weekend! Take a good nap when you get home!

  2. So glad you got to spend time with Poppop