Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hi friends! The weather here has been very nice, so I have been getting lots of fun running time in the fields. Other than that, there is nothing new here. Mommy and daddy have been very busy, so I have just been hanging out a lot. I hope that I get to do something fun soon!

So, I just wanted to say Hi to everyone!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Au de Perfume

Hi friends! I hope that you all had a nice weekend. I sure did. Mommy took me and my bestest friend Zoe for a nice long run on Saturday. I got nice and muddy by rolling in the mud and then had to take a bath. I actually kind of like baths.

Sunday, I got to go visit Remy and Gracie. Of course on the way there, I continued my getting mommy to realize the car harness is the devil protest. I still have not worn her down though, but I shall remain persistent. Gracie and I got to go for a good run and I even met a new friend who was a GSP just like my dog park friend Ginger No. He was fast.

Anyway, this morning mommy took me for my morning run. I was doing my usual morning sniffs in the woods when I found this awesome scent. Of course, I loved it so much that I had to roll on it a few times to get some perfume on myself. Mommy was not happy. She said something about skunks and made me take another bath. While I normally like my baths, I was kind of mad at her for washing off my new perfume. I had to do a lot of good rolling to get the scent just right. Then after she took her shower, guess what she did? Put on human perfume! Life is so unfair!

I will show her. I remember where that good smell was and will be sure to do some more rolling on my afternoon run.

Sorry no pictures today. Mommy was already running late because of the perfume incident and didn't have time to take pictures. I really need to hire a new camera man.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Letting Your Human Know Part 2

Hi friends! Today I am going to follow up my instructional blog about letting your humans know.

Now we discussed using the techniques in the first part to help you let your parents know you are bored, want something yummy, or need some scratches. Well, what if you have a mean mommy that makes you sit in the back seat of the car, far away from her, with a stupid car harness on? I have a solution for that. Whine, cry, and scream from you position in the back to let her know that you are unhappy about the unfair imprisonment you are receiving.

In this clip, you will hear my patented techniques for letting mom know I do not like my car harness and would much prefer to sit on her lap. Also, this is how I tell her how excited I am that we are going bye-byes. It's a two for one deal!

Sorry about the footage quality. My camera person (mommy) was trying to drive while taking this footage. The audio was the important part, so it will do.

DISCLAIMER: This technique has not yet been fully effective on my quest to be out of the car harness. Patience is a must in this case. I hope to hold out longer than mommy, but so far we are in a stalemate.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Take Care of Your Stuffies

Hi friends! Well, after the awesome feedback about my letting your human know informational piece, I decided to do a follow up. Another area that I consider myself an expert on is taking care of my stuffies. You see there is an art to making sure your stuffy is happy and in the correct home.

Example A: Here is a picture of a new stuffie.

Example B: Here is a friend carrying around a stuffie. Notice how big, fluffy, and solid his stuffie is.

Now in my personal experience, stuffies are not happy in this form. They are uncomfortable with the amount of stuffing in them and the squeaker gives them a headache. So, understandably, it is my job to help out my friendly stuffies.

First, I take out all of the stuffing from them. I have similar surgical skills as my buddy Dennis the Vizsla dog. My preferred removal area is the butt of the stuffie.

Then, I take out the squeaker that causes the poor stuffies headaches.

Occasionally, further surgeries are required to remove feet, wings, tails, and other appendages that have become infected. Here is a picture of my two most successful stuffies.

Here is me an duck stuffie in a follow up appointment.

Look at how happy he looks!

So, there you have it. My patented process for ensuring your stuffies happiness and health.

Tune in tomorrow for a follow up to my car harness story with a cross over into the how to let your human know story. It should be very informative!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letting Your Humans Know

Hi Friends! I have decided that I am an expert in letting my mommy and daddy know when I am bored. Along with the title of expert, comes the responsibility to educate others on your skills.

Well friends, here you will see how I let my mommy know that I am bored and want her to occupy me. Please take note of the sad eyes, cute ears, and pitiful crying. All components are necessary for full effectiveness.

This strategy is also helpful in getting you what you want. For example, if your mommy is eating a really yummy piece of cheese and you follow my instructional video, she will have no choice but to share with you.

It is also a helpful strategy to let your daddy know that you have to go outside to use the facilities. Once you have mastered that technique, you can also use it for times that you want to go outside, but only to check things out.

The last helpful point is that this video's demonstration is also great when you have guests over. They think that you are a poor puppy and usually reward you with loves, pets, scratches, and occasionally treats.

I hope that this information proves helpful to you, friends. As I said, it is my job to educate the masses.

Monday, March 1, 2010

GPS Doug

Hi friends! Sorry I was not around last week. Mommy was sick, so I got a lot of extra snuggle time with her and didn't have time to blog.

So, I have some problems with the car. I really like to go for car rides. But mommy and I have issues. You see, I like to be as close to her as possible and help with directions. Mommy seems to think that this is dangerous. She also seems to think she needs two hands to drive, but she really does not. The other hand should always be used for petting her favorite dog in the world, me.

Because of this difference of opinions, now I have to ride in the car with a special harness which is a doggy seat belt. I HATE it! I make my objection to the restraint very clear, by screaming in the car. Mommy turns up the radio. I turn up my volume. She starts singing loudly too, I go to full Vizsla volume. Despite all of objections, mommy has held strong to her Dougs need to be harnessed belief. I am going to continue my campaign.

Oh and here is a picture of me in the car with mommy. They made me ride in the trunk, can you believe. As you can see, I still managed a way to help with directions.

(Mommy says that is horrible picture of her on a really windy day)

Let me know if you have a similar car problem!