Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Blog

Hi there friends. My name is Doug and I am a Vizsla dog. That means I have lots of energies, am a super hunter/stalker, and give the best snuggs. I call everyone friends because well, I am a Vizsla and everything was put here on earth to be my friend.

I have never had a blog before, but I like to read other friends' blogs and finally talked mom into helping me make one of my own. Let's see, I am a very happy boy, except when no one is paying attention to me. Then I like to whine and voice my unhappiness. That usually gets me the attention I deserve. My favorite part of the day is pretty much all the parts. I do really like my walks though. We live right in front of fields where mommy and daddy let me run. I have a big group of friends that I play with out there. Playing makes me happy. So does eating grass. Mommy says I am part cow with the amount of grass I eat.Actually, lots of things make me happy. I am just a happy guy.

So, I guess I should explain that my blog is going to be about all of the adventures that I have in my happy Vizsla life. I have some old adventures that I want to share with you all soon and I am sure many new adventures will happen everyday. Mommy came up with the name Doug's Odyssey because all the adventures I have remind her of Homer's Odyssey.

Ok, I better get back to my nap. Mommy and daddy will be home in four hours and I need to gather my energy to be at full Vizlsa craziness level when they get here. Bye!


  1. Doug, I somehow don't think you'll have too much trouble gathering energy to be at your full craziness level. But good luck on your nap just the same!!

    Glad to have you in the blogging world!


  2. Welcome to the bloggy world, Doug!

  3. Yay! Another friend has a blog!