Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yay Its' Thursday!

Hi Friends! So it is Thursday, which means AGILITY tonight. I love going to agility and do my best to be the fastest in the class. My favorite thing is well, everything. Maybe not the waiting for my turn part, but everything else.

Mommy says she's sorry that she doesn't have any pictures of me at agility. She is my "handler" even though I do all the work. Daddy doesn't come to class with us. He did once, but said something about "boring" and "uncomfortable chairs" and hasn't been back. His loss.

There is another Vizsla in my class too Finn. I really like Finn. We try to play with each other during class, but mommy and Finn's mommy say no. I think that this weekend I get to have a playdate with Finn. That means mommy drives me to the dogpark and Finn is there and we get to play and run around and go sploring. I was supposed to have a playdate with Finn last Saturday, but it was rainy and I do not do rain.

Anyway, back to agility. The best part of agility is that my girlfriend Cassidy is there. Mommy says that she is a black lab, but I say she is mine. Cassidy gives me kisses when we are waiting for our turn and likes to snugg up to me.
Oh and then there is Rogue friend. He is some kind of special dog, but I can't remember what. I like him, but he can be a little noisy. When he barks or whines, that makes me and Finn whine, then we all get in trouble. Rogue is part of the Saturday play date too. Yay!

Well, I better get back to my nap. I didn't get my run this morning on account of it being too wet and mommy not wanting to have to give me another bath. You see friends, i went for my nightly run in the fields last night and ran into my friend Daisy (and Otis too, but Otis just chases me and barks and beys at me). Daisy and I started to mud wrestle and when I ran to mommy for protection, I got her all muddy too. Mommy got annoyed that her and I were such a mess, but it was totally worth it. She made me go home for a nice hot bath, which I don't really mind. I love getting toweled off at the end.

Anyway, I better get back to my nap because I really need to be at a new level of craziness today to teach mommy not to skip my morning runs. Bye!

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  1. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes adjility is fun!!! dada duznt come to my adjility classes eether on akkownt of mama bannd him frum them becuz wen he is their i keep running off the feeld to go greet him and giv him kisses but its just becuz i luv him!!! ok bye