Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello friends! I know it has been a while, so if you forget me, I am Douglas K. the Vizsla. My mommy has been very very busy with a new office and lots of other things, so I have not had access to a computer for a very long time. At night, which is perfect blogging time for me, my daddy hogs the computer watching something called Netflix.

BUT, I am back and hopefully for good. So, how have you all been? I have been a very busy dog going for runs, trying out at a new agility school, going on trips, meeting new friends, chasing birds, rolling in good smelling stuff, hanging out outside, and just being my normal happy self.

I have lots of new adventures and stories that I have been saving for when my selfish mommy and daddy gave me back my computer time, so I have lots to tell you. I also have lots of other blogs to stop by and say hi on.

Well, there is a peanut butter kong with my name on it, so I am going to go do some serious licking, but I will see you all soon!

I will leave you with a very serious picture of me on the beach. Running and chasing waves is very serious business as you can see.


  1. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am happy to see yoo ar bak and as handsum as ever!!! enjoy yore kong!!! ok bye

  2. Douglas!!! So glad to see you back! We've missed your crazy stories and can't wait to hear the newest ones!

    Slobbery kisses,
    Flash & Ollie

  3. Glad you're back! Great picture of you on the beach. Can't wait for the new stories.