Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Beach Time!

Hi friends! So, a couple of weeks ago mommy and daddy took me down to the shore to visit Poppop at his house. Now I like to go visit Poppop and occasionally get to go out for some ice cream, but the bestest part of going there is going to Dog Beach.

Dog Beach is this super awesome place where there is sand, tall grass, water, waves, birds, and lots of friends. My favoritest thing to do there is poo. Mommy and daddy joke that I must like the wind on my butt at the beach, but honestly there is nothing better than being one with nature.

Mommy brought along her trusty camera as she is on my payroll as my personal photographer. She gets all of the loves and snugs she can handle in exchange for her photography skills. This dog beach trip was fun, but it was pretty cold out and there were only a few friends there. And one of those wasn't even really a friend because he tried to pick fights with the other dogs. I like to stay out of trouble seeing how I am a lover not a fighter, so I just did my own thing.

As you can see here, running around is a great thing to do at the beach.

The water was cold, but I still went in for a quick dip.

A little blurry, but you can see how happy I was to be there. P.S. Those fluffy white cloud looking things behind me are not food. I tried one even though mommy said no because she sometimes says I can't have super yummy things because she is stingy and wants them for herself. This time I should have just let her have them.

Look at that handsome fella on the beach!


  1. Awesome!! A doggy beach! Are the servants supposed to pick up the poop? Otherwise it wouldn't be very nice there.

  2. You are one bronzed hunk, Douglas!

  3. aren't beaches the best? nothing better than running and splashing around