Friday, March 5, 2010

Letting Your Human Know Part 2

Hi friends! Today I am going to follow up my instructional blog about letting your humans know.

Now we discussed using the techniques in the first part to help you let your parents know you are bored, want something yummy, or need some scratches. Well, what if you have a mean mommy that makes you sit in the back seat of the car, far away from her, with a stupid car harness on? I have a solution for that. Whine, cry, and scream from you position in the back to let her know that you are unhappy about the unfair imprisonment you are receiving.

In this clip, you will hear my patented techniques for letting mom know I do not like my car harness and would much prefer to sit on her lap. Also, this is how I tell her how excited I am that we are going bye-byes. It's a two for one deal!

Sorry about the footage quality. My camera person (mommy) was trying to drive while taking this footage. The audio was the important part, so it will do.

DISCLAIMER: This technique has not yet been fully effective on my quest to be out of the car harness. Patience is a must in this case. I hope to hold out longer than mommy, but so far we are in a stalemate.


  1. my pups tried that. they also have not made it to the front yet :)

  2. Miss M. tries that too. She has actually trained us to turn on our radio really loud when she's coming for a ride.

  3. Excellent whineyness! We find that is very productive.

  4. Excellent work Douglas! Wear her down! You know you're getting to her if she's taping it for others to hear.

    From one whiner to another, keep up the good work. :-)