Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letting Your Humans Know

Hi Friends! I have decided that I am an expert in letting my mommy and daddy know when I am bored. Along with the title of expert, comes the responsibility to educate others on your skills.

Well friends, here you will see how I let my mommy know that I am bored and want her to occupy me. Please take note of the sad eyes, cute ears, and pitiful crying. All components are necessary for full effectiveness.

This strategy is also helpful in getting you what you want. For example, if your mommy is eating a really yummy piece of cheese and you follow my instructional video, she will have no choice but to share with you.

It is also a helpful strategy to let your daddy know that you have to go outside to use the facilities. Once you have mastered that technique, you can also use it for times that you want to go outside, but only to check things out.

The last helpful point is that this video's demonstration is also great when you have guests over. They think that you are a poor puppy and usually reward you with loves, pets, scratches, and occasionally treats.

I hope that this information proves helpful to you, friends. As I said, it is my job to educate the masses.


  1. I am not going to show this post to my pups :)

  2. Doug that is an amazingly insightful post, thank you for sharing I to have some tricks like this, but will be using your advice as well. I'll report back!

  3. You are a great teacher - I am sure pups everywhere are practicing their homework right now.

  4. Great post, Douglas, very instructional.

  5. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate viddyo!!! verry informativ!!! hay wen tucker duz that he yoozhually punkchooayts the whining with sharp littel barks wot dada sez mayk his eerz bleed maybe yoo cud add that to yore repertwar and see how it wurks!!! ok bye

  6. LOL! Oh Doug! I think you are my Coopers long lost Vizsla brother! If I didn't have his AKC papers I'd *swear* it was true!!