Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Take Care of Your Stuffies

Hi friends! Well, after the awesome feedback about my letting your human know informational piece, I decided to do a follow up. Another area that I consider myself an expert on is taking care of my stuffies. You see there is an art to making sure your stuffy is happy and in the correct home.

Example A: Here is a picture of a new stuffie.

Example B: Here is a friend carrying around a stuffie. Notice how big, fluffy, and solid his stuffie is.

Now in my personal experience, stuffies are not happy in this form. They are uncomfortable with the amount of stuffing in them and the squeaker gives them a headache. So, understandably, it is my job to help out my friendly stuffies.

First, I take out all of the stuffing from them. I have similar surgical skills as my buddy Dennis the Vizsla dog. My preferred removal area is the butt of the stuffie.

Then, I take out the squeaker that causes the poor stuffies headaches.

Occasionally, further surgeries are required to remove feet, wings, tails, and other appendages that have become infected. Here is a picture of my two most successful stuffies.

Here is me an duck stuffie in a follow up appointment.

Look at how happy he looks!

So, there you have it. My patented process for ensuring your stuffies happiness and health.

Tune in tomorrow for a follow up to my car harness story with a cross over into the how to let your human know story. It should be very informative!


  1. thats the same way my pups take care of their stuffies :)

  2. Oh that's exactly what I do too! My most favorite stuff is the limp Winnie the Pooh that used to be moms. :o) He's comfortable now and won't get stuck in any rabbit holes from his big belly anymore!

  3. Haha!! Doug, you are, by far, the funniest Vizsla I've ever known! LOL, you should see what Fred's done to my books :P I can't sit down to a good book anymore without him nibbling on it first ;)

  4. I am a hound dog, I don't like toys for some reason. I sleep a lot, though.
    Another great tutorial!

  5. It looks so much more comfortable that way. Thanks for the info!

  6. Doug, I think we went to the same school for Stuffie Care! I have successfully de-stuffed all of my stuffies. I also had to remove the infected heads of my octopus stuffie, and my rhinocerusus stuffie. My next patient is my squirrel stuffie.

    Does your mommee get mad when you operate on your stuffies? My mommee takes my stuffies away, and then brings out the most dreaded machine -- the Air Sucker! (aka the vacuum cleaner)

  7. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yes i tayk kayr of all my stuffies!!! oh yes i do ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ok bye

  8. OMG, I know I am SO late but this entry is SO freaking hilarious! I was LMAO!
    Cooper, of course, was not amused. He agrees w/Doug & only wishes I had taken photographic 'evidence' of the 'surgery' he performed on his Big (3ft long) Orange Orangutan! A tracheotomy to be exact!