Monday, March 1, 2010

GPS Doug

Hi friends! Sorry I was not around last week. Mommy was sick, so I got a lot of extra snuggle time with her and didn't have time to blog.

So, I have some problems with the car. I really like to go for car rides. But mommy and I have issues. You see, I like to be as close to her as possible and help with directions. Mommy seems to think that this is dangerous. She also seems to think she needs two hands to drive, but she really does not. The other hand should always be used for petting her favorite dog in the world, me.

Because of this difference of opinions, now I have to ride in the car with a special harness which is a doggy seat belt. I HATE it! I make my objection to the restraint very clear, by screaming in the car. Mommy turns up the radio. I turn up my volume. She starts singing loudly too, I go to full Vizsla volume. Despite all of objections, mommy has held strong to her Dougs need to be harnessed belief. I am going to continue my campaign.

Oh and here is a picture of me in the car with mommy. They made me ride in the trunk, can you believe. As you can see, I still managed a way to help with directions.

(Mommy says that is horrible picture of her on a really windy day)

Let me know if you have a similar car problem!


  1. Hi Doug, yes my dachshund Texas has to be a in a car seat, cause he is allll over my lap. But we made sure to give him lots of treats while in there, so he would like it. He did try to get out a couple of times, but we put him back in. I think he gets the idea now!

  2. Bad news - we all wear seat belts. Does sort of prevent the navigational help.

  3. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow!!! tucker tels me that wen he wuz a puppy mama and dada tried to put him in wun of those things and he twisted and skwirmd and rolld arownd and ended up hanging upside down off the edj of the bak seet kind of like a mowntin klimer hoo fell off a cliff and wuz sayvd by his ropes!!! but i dont hav pikchers so it didnt happen ha ha ok bye

  4. We have three GPS dogs! And no worries about the not blogging, you were just doing your job :)

  5. Not here, Charlie just sits between the front seats in our van. He loves it with the air conditioner on. He snout is glued to the vent!
    Your mommy looks like a kid!

  6. Hi Doug! It's your Owen friend! My mommy lets me ride in the passenger seat for now, but keeps threatening me with that seat belt thing. Usually after I accidentally shift her car into neutral. What can I say? I like helping her drive!

    Reese doesn't go in the car much, and when she does, she rides in the backseat, on a blanket. She usually gets the sickies.