Monday, December 14, 2009

Douglas the Contractor

Hi Friends! I hope that you all had a nice weekend. This weekend was very cold here, so I did not get to do a whole lot outside. Saturday mommy and daddy did take me to the flea market. Fortunately, I did not get any fleas there, but I did get to be petted by lost of new friends. It was really cold and I started to shiver, so we did not get to stay very long. Now mommy wants to buy me jacket. I am not to sure about that, but hey, anything for me makes me happy.

Anyway, Sunday mommy and daddy bought a bookshelf for the living room. When they brought it home it was in lots of boxes. They said they had to put it together. Of course, I wanted to help. After all, I am Douglas the Vizsla and we Vizslas are known for our carpentry skills. Oh wait, I think that we are known for our hunting skills or running around like crazy dog skills, but I will be known for my awesome carpentry skills.

Here is me pretending not to be interested in the assembly.

Here is me showing mommy where the shelf goes.

And here is where I went after I tried to steal the directions and then jumped on one of the boxes.

The nerve of them. I bet Bob Villa was never treated like that. Anyway, if anyone needs an expert Carpenter Vizlsa, I am a phone call away.


  1. Poor poor Doug. You was just tryin to help huh?

    Bobo and Meja

    ps: our word verification was SUCKI which is what this was fer you.

  2. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow the saym thing happend to me wen i tried to help mama and dada put together the noo bed!!! hyoomans just cant aksept help wen they need it!!! ok bye

  3. Yeah, Mommees are weird peepel. Your mommee yells at your fer jumpin ON a box, and my mommee is tryin' to teech me to jump IN a box!