Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas Fun!

Hi friends! So yesterday I showed you my new most favoritest toy ever the super squeak mat. Today I want to tell you about my most favorites foster sister ever Bella. She lived with us a for a few months this past spring and boy did Bella and I have fun together. We played and played with each other. Well, Bella went to her forever home right before we went to Myrtle Beach, SC for the first time. I was sad for her to go, but happy to have mommy and daddy back all to myself. The good news is that Bella went from being my foster sister to my cousin. That's right mommy's aunt and cousin are Bella's forever home. The best part is we still get to see each other and play.

Now it has been since the spring since I saw Bella, but guess what? I got to see her on Christmas day. Mommy, daddy, and I went to Aunt Kathi's house and Bella was there with my other doggie cousin Duke. We had so much fun playing and chasing and eating and running.

Here's Bella:

And Duke

Hey, who is that handsome guy?

Me and Duke playing. Don't worry we were having lots of fun!

For some reason Bella likes to try to hump me. Doesn't she know I am not that kind of guy.

Tug of War! Duke, stop sniffing my butt.


  1. How nice Bella has a forever home and is in the family!

  2. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow yore cuzzins seem to reely like yoo!!! i meen a lot!!! i meen a reely reely lot!!! ok bye