Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hi Friends! Sorry for my lack of posts lately. Mommy has been busy working and I have been busy doing my usual.

So, this morning on my normally scheduled walk, I ran into a beautiful aroma. I believe it was a mixed of dead animal and poop. Having a refined palate such as mine, I decided the best way to enjoy this lovely smell, was to do some heavy duty rolling in it. Mommy was not happy. She said I smelled bad. I would not expect someone like her to understand because she does not have the refined palate like me. She spends lots of money on "fancy" perfumes, when she could just go out back and find something even better to put on.

Anyway, mommy made me take a bath. I like baths, but I do not like having my yummy smell washed off of me. I worked really hard rolling to get just the right amount of smell on me to enjoy all day. After I got my bath, mean mommy put me in my crate for the day. She didn't even use the hair blower thingy. As you can see, I was not too happy with her.

If anyone knows how to open a crate, could you come bust me out? How could you resist this face?


  1. Poor Doug. My foster brudder, Sirius, found out how to get out of crates, but he's not around anymore to tell me how.

    I can sympathize. I'm not one for rolling in good-smelling stuff, but I love to roll in mud, you know, to keep my skin all nice and moisturized. Mommy yells at me for that. She goes and spends her moneys on fancy creams and stuff.

  2. Humans! Now you'll have to hope something else stinky and disgusting ends up in the yard ...

  3. We are on the case Douglas. It might take us a hundred million days but we'll be right there.

    Bobo and Meja