Thursday, February 4, 2010

Agility Posse

Hi Friends! Well, today is Thursday and that means.......AGILITY! I love going to agility and have two really good buddies there. These pictures are from our agility Christmas party, that's why we have on our prong collars. I wear my normal collar to agilty most of the time. Mommy was very scared of the prong collar at first, but I don't mind it because I hardly ever pull now and if I do, it just gives me a little reminder that I shouldn't. It doesn't hurt me because mommy was trained on how to use it correctly and that made her feel a lot better.

Here is me and Finn. As you can see Finn is also a Vizsla, but he is the more serious kind.

Here is me, Finn, and Rogue who is an Entlebucher Mountain Dog. He is of the goofy side of the breed too.

Well, that is my agility posse. We go to the dog park together on Saturday mornings as well because we like to play with each other. If we try to play in agility class, we get in trouble, so we save the fun stuff for the dog park.

Anyway, here are some action shots of me doing my agility thing.

Table.....see, I can lay down, but I would rather be running.

Weaving off leash.


  1. wow looks like you have a fun time!

  2. Oh agility looks like fun. If I were younger, I'd be all over that! For me, getting up off the floor is agility enough.

    My "sister" Lily did agility and loved it. Of course she loves anywhere she can run and jump on things.

  3. That looks like so much fun Doug!! My mom needs to get me into that!!

  4. That looks like fun! Gets a lot of energy out, and puppy fun.

  5. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot a bunch of handsum fellows!!! finn luks like a thinker like me i think deep thawts all the time oh luk a stuffie!!! gotta go!!! ok bye