Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun in the Snow!

Hi friends! Well, guess what? It did snow here this weekend and it snowed a lot. I am not too good with my measuring skills, but I can tell you that the snow comes up to my belly and makes my pee pee really cold. So, i say that we got half a Doug of snow.

Mommy took lots of pictures of me playing in the snow.

Can you see me?

Turning around!

Here I come!


Delicious snow!

Is there something on my nose?

No, I will not go inside now.

Snow is serious business.


  1. Hey Doug,

    That snow looks like a lot of fun! I hope it stays a while so you can play in it!

    Tail wags,

  2. Perfect! Love your action shots. Hope your pee-pee didn't get too cold!

  3. Hey Doug,
    Why is your grass all white? Maybe you need to mow it. That's just crazy. I've never seen stuff like that. Of course, I think it would be over my head and that would not be good.

    Have fun playing and sorry your pee pee's cold.

  4. hehehe half a doug of snow! love it!

  5. hello doug its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is the way to do it!!! keep mooving then it cannot stik to yoo!!! ok bye

  6. Doug, I've never seen that stuff before!! It looks funny. I bet I'd like to play in it for a while, till my paws got cold. I don't like the cold. But you sure look like you are having fun!