Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Treats

Hi friends! Well, while I was on my blog hiatus, I celebrated my 2nd birthday! Mommy and daddy bought me a few new yummy bones and a duck stuffie that flies. I also got to have a yummy ice cream cone as my birthday treat. Vanilla ice cream is my most favoritest thing in the world.

Anyway, about a week or so ago, I go a card in the mail from the dog store that mommy buys my food from and takes me to get treats and pets. It said "Happy Birthday Doug," so I knew it was for me. Mommy took a coupon with her yesterday to the store and got me some more dog food. I have to tell you, I have tried lots and lots of different foods, but Nature's Variety Instinct Duck is my most favoritest of them all. After all, I am a bird dog, so duck is super delicious.

Well, when mommy came home from the store, she had a special little bag with her. Pabby's sent me a special birthday cookie. Boy, was it a delicious one.

Blue because I am a boy!

Waiting patiently for my treat. As you might be able to tell from my expression, I was trying to move the treat into my mouth with my mind.

Finally, mommy handed it over.

Enjoying the fruits of my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Doug! That looks like a great cookie!

  2. Happy birthday, Doug!!! That cookie looks so good!