Friday, February 5, 2010

No Dog Park Weekend

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good Friday! Mommy is working, but daddy is home with me today, so I am a happy little Vizsla. And guess what else? It is supposed to snow here. I am hoping to be enjoying a snow buffet later tonight.

The sad things about the snow is that I do not get to the dog park with my buddies Finn and Rogue tomorrow. Mommy said it is too far away and going to be too yucky to drive there. She better take me out to the fields tomorrow to make up for this or I am totally going to be a total nudge all day.

Here are some pictures of me at the dog park during nicer weather. Mommy and her friends complain that it is hard to take pictures of me because I never stop running. I think they just need to get a Vizsla friendly camera.

Here I am exploring.

Happily trotting around.

A zoom by! In the background you can see my other Vizlsa friend Rusty.

A special thank you to Rogue's mommy for the pictures. She seems to have a Vizsla quality camera. Mommy, you really need to look into one.


  1. yup she needs a better camera :) enjoy your snow buffet!

  2. She should get a better camera, your too quick for her to keep up with. Love your trotting pic.

  3. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay sorry to heer the wether is keeping yoo frum the dog park tel yore mama she shud invest in a snowmobeel or sumthing!!! ok bye