Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Says Hot Chocolate is the Best for Snow Days

Hi friends! Guess what? Mommy said that we are supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. I know many of you were impressed with my measuring system, so I will be sure to update you on how much snow we get or how much we have altogether.

So mommy says there is nothing better after playing in the snow then hot chocolate with marshmallows. Well, I am a dog and therefore not allowed to have chocolate, but I have found something even better after a nice romp in the snow. Bully Sticks!!!

Here I am enjoying a nice bully stick while my pee pee defrosts.

Warming up my paws by the bully stick.

Mom, you ready to go back out in the snow now?


  1. Bully sticks are awesome! You sure are very shiny in your pics :)

  2. I never heard of bully sticks. I'll have to get mom to buy me one.

  3. I think your mom is trying to distract you from the great outdoors ...

  4. Oh I love snow and bully sticks!! That sounds like the best day!!