Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got an award!

Thanks so much Tucker, Dennis' brother. I am glad I remind you of you at my age. I just hope I don't get old and cranky like you are now :)

So, I need to tell you ten things that make me happy.
1. When mommy gets home.
2. Laser pointers
3. Following mommy around.
4. Peanut butter kongs
5. Playing with friends.
6. Agility
7. Snuggling with mommy.
8. Going for my morning and afternoon runs.
9. Dog park.
10. Going to the beach.

I am going to pass this on to 10 friends!
1. Fred the Rabbit
2. Bruschi
3. Owen
4. Princess the Pit Bull
5. Boots
6. Dizie the Cata-what
7. Rusty
8. Miss Laila the Vizsla
9. Buddy Dawg
10. Jackson and Poe


  1. hello douglas its dennis the vizsla dog hay dont wurry no wun cud possibly be as old and cranky as tucker!!! eksept maybe trouble the kitty!!! ha ha ok bye

  2. Oh Douglas you have so much to be happy about...and I'm sure you make your Momma awfully happy too :)

  3. Oh thank you so much Doug!! I'll post this tomorrow!